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Thread: Zionuts

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    There's actually a LOT more on this page alone, but I'll just paste the first part. Things get fun when it gets to Kate Middleton's Jew-lombotomy scar.

    But seriously, we got ur Dutchess lol.

    What we have been sold is no less than the groundwork for the imposition of a future Jewish Monarchy in Great Britain. And engineered by the House of Rothschild, whose relations and puppets on Wall Street and in the City of London are responsible for a deliberatly created international financial crisis aimed at creating a one world currency system, a one world bank and a New World Order.

    As one Royal insider commented “An insecure immigrant Royal family who have never felt at ease with the British people, and always more secure with immigrants and outsiders, and an alliance with the richest and most powerful Jewish family in the world, heads of what is increasingly being re-Christened “The Jew World Order, who also seek to raise their status, is perceived by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as the best guarantor of their family’s future and safety. In short, we will one day see a Rothschild Royal family.”

    Many people still cannot get Kate Middleton or why she, a supposed ‘commoner’ would marry Prince William. But hidden right under our noses is the truth the controlled mainstream media is hiding. Kate Middleton is a Jew from a maternal line of non-practicing, assimilated and poor Sephardic Jews aligned to the Church of England. Her mother whose maiden name is Goldsmith, practicing or not is Jewish and under Jewish law if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish, therefore the children of Prince William will be legally Jewish….especially as William, under Judaic law, is also a Jew!

    Under Jewish law if William and Kate have children their children will be Jews!


    In Tina Brown’s book ‘The Diana Chronicles’, the author claims that Princess Diana’s Jewish mother Frances Shand Kydd had a long-running affair with Sir James Goldsmith during her marriage to Earl Spencer. She suggests that Diana who was born in 1961, was Goldsmith’s love child and not Spencer’s daughter. Even so the fathers line is irrelevant as Jewishness travels down the matriarchal line and Diana’s mother was a Jew.

    “The Goldschmidts, like their neighbors and relatives the Rothschilds, had been prosperous merchant bankers in Frankfurt, Germany since the 16th century.(Wikipedia). In 1773, Mayer Rothschild invited Goldschmidt, (Goldsmith), Schiff, Oppenheimer, Warburg and eight other ambitious Jewish businessmen to his goldsmith shop. Together they formulated a long term plan to seize control of the world’s wealth over many generations and to impliment the commands of the Holy Talmud that Jews be the chosen people to control the world, while non-Jews (Goyim) would become their slaves. They made a pact to secretly pool their money and influence to bankrupt the nations of the world and create a New World Order. In effect they have been for centuries the ruling Learned Elders of Zion.”


    The original and current Jewish definition of a “born Jew” is a person whose mother is Jewish. Judaism is passed down in a matriarchal lineage. Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, had a Jewish mother (Frances Ruth Burke Roche; a Rothschild) and she likely had a Jewish father (though his lineage would be irrelevant under Jewish law). That would make William – Jewish.

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    I was so sure you were going to post the Morsi story from MEMRI. But crazy 'OMG KATE MIDDLETON IS JEWISH' is better.

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    That's an oxymoron.
    Hope is the denial of reality

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    Playing DA here...but is any satirical slam on Netanyahu not anti-Semitic? Or any criticisms for that matter?

    (Granted I take the coincidence of the timing with Holocaust day and the pic as utter BS or pure dumbassNess)
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    Criticism is fine, even encouraged IMO. There's a very free and rather vicious press in Israel which is happy to burn him in effigy. It's the specific imagery used by Scarfe that was the issue (combined with its date of publication).

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    I can buy that.
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    There's also the general sense of why the British press cares so much about this, but you never see them making cartoons of the leader of Hamas or Hezbollah riding missiles into Israeli civilian homes.

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    Apparently the only thing that Turkey and Syria can agree on is 'Death to Israel'?

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    The Syrian rebels made a similar statement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loki View Post
    The Syrian rebels made a similar statement.
    Ye gods. If I facepalm any harder I'll be smelling my spinal cord.
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    Eh, the people in the region loathe Israel. Perpetuating the status quo isn't going to make that hatred go away. The most we can hope for is that if these countries become democracies and the people become responsible for government policy, they'll eventually realize that blaming Israel isn't going to solve any of their problems. That's a long term wish though. The rhetoric in the Middle East will only get worse in the short term, though I'm mildly optimistic that we won't see any full-out wars.
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    This is "okay" on a technicality, but just on the technicality.

    Sigh @ UN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnaught View Post
    This is "okay" on a technicality, but just on the technicality.

    Sigh @ UN.

    I'm not bothered. Especially since the missing Israel contains the Golan Heights.

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    Not Zionutty in the traditional sense...

    Photo: Orthodox Jewish Man Covers Himself In Plastic Bag On Plane

    We don't often see the classic Twin Peaks phrase "wrapped in plastic" taken so literally—but a Redditor posted the above photo of an Orthodox Jewish man who did just that on a recent flight. Poster "FinalSay" initially assumed the man was covering up because he was in front of women, but others pointed out that it is much more likely that the man is a "Kohen", who are holy priests (or descended from them).

    Kohens are prohibited from flying over cemeteries ("A kohen initially was not supposed to approach any dead body, and if he did so he became ritually impure"), which as you can imagine, could be a major problem for travel. According to Haaretz, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, the leader of the Lithuanian Haredi community in Israel, "found a solution to this issue, ruling that wrapping oneself in thick plastic bags while the plane crossed over the cemetery is permissible."

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    Any statement from the guy himself?

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    I don't know if I should be impressed or appalled that a third of the students refused the assignment.

    Re: the plastic bag things, it's actually a pretty well known craziness among certain Ultra-Orthodox. Jewish law doesn't really believe there's a limit to 'airspace' above a piece of land, so it is technically a concern for the priest class. In reality, there are many creative rationales to ignore this issue that don't involve plastic bags.

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    Times like this I wonder what goes on behind the scenes in his life and how much influence he has on his affairs.

    Stephen Hawking reaffirms support of Israel boycott

    Hawking sends letter to President's Conference organizers saying he faced pressure to withdraw from Palestinian academics.

    LONDON – After much back and forth on Wednesday, Prof. Stephen Hawking retracted his statement that he pulled out of the fifth President’s Conference in Jerusalem because of ill health and clarified that it was because he supports an academic boycott of Israel.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the physicist’s spokesman at the University of Cambridge had denied that support for a boycott was the catalyst and said that he withdrew on medical grounds.

    “Professor Hawking has decided to cancel his planned visit to Israel on the advice of doctors,” the spokesman said.

    A letter sent by Hawking to the organizers of the June 18- 20 conference suggested, however, that pressure from Palestinian academics made him withdraw.

    “I have received a number of emails from Palestinian academics,” Hawking said in the letter. “They are unanimous that I should respect the boycott. In view of this I must withdraw from the conference.”

    When this was put to his spokesman, he told The Jerusalem Post that he was unaware of this line in the letter and reaffirmed that medical reasons was the sole reason for canceling.

    Later on Wednesday, the University of Cambridge withdrew its original statement and confirmed that Hawking withdrew his participation based on advice from Palestinian academics that he should respect the boycott.

    “We had understood previously that his decision was based purely on health grounds, having been advised by doctors not to fly,” the university spokesman said.

    Presidential Conference chairman Israel Maimon responded to Hawking’s announcement on Wednesday saying that his decision was unjustifiable and wrong.

    “The academic boycott against Israel is in our view outrageous and improper, certainly for someone for whom the spirit of liberty lies at the basis of his human and academic mission. Israel is a democracy in which all individuals are free to express their opinions, whatever they may be. The imposition of a boycott is incompatible with open, democratic dialogue.”

    Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, called Hawking’s boycott hypocritical.

    “His whole computer-based communication system runs on a chip designed by Israel’s Intel team. I suggest that if he truly wants to pull out of Israel, he should also pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet.”

    She suggested that he should also consult his academic contacts and the Intel engineers in Israel before deciding to boycott.

    “He seems to have no understanding of this world.”

    Since 1997, Hawking’s computer- based system has been sponsored and provided by Intel.

    This year’s Presidential Conference will also be a celebration of the 90th birthday of President Shimon Peres.

    Organizers are expecting a record attendance of 5,000 participants, including some of the world’s greatest brains, leaders of the largest global technological companies, internationally renowned academics, Nobel Prize laureates, celebrated artists and past and present heads of state. Former US president Bill Clinton is to be awarded with the Presidential Medal of Distinction at the conference.

    Other statesmen who are set to join Peres in celebrating his ninth decade include former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, former British prime minister Tony Blair, who attended all four previous Presidential Conferences, and Prince Albert of Monaco.

    Legendary singer Barbra Streisand will divide her time in Israel between conference participation in Jerusalem and her sold-out concerts in Tel Aviv.

    Although Hawking’s initially scheduled participation in the conference had captured headlines in Israel, it is doubtful that there would have been any public response to his cancellation if other media outlets had not picked up on a report in The Guardian.

    Hawking, 71, has visited Israel four times, most recently in 2006, when he lectured at Israeli and Palestinian universities.

    In an interview with Al Jazeera during Operation Cast Lead in 2009, Hawking condemned Israel, saying its response to Gazan rocket fire was out of proportion and compared it to apartheid South Africa.

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    So apparently saying hip hip hooray is anti-Semitic.

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    I thought it was pro-hip hop?
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    I think that it's not actually very clear on the etymology of that term, Flixy.

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    Oh, I agree, but someone was talking in a talk show that it's anti-Semitic to use that term.

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    It's not completely made up - there's some evidence the claim might be true - but I think it's so divorced from what more or may not have been its original usage that it's essentially meaningless.

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    Wow, I just read up on this hip-hip hooray thing. I agree with Wiggin, if it ever was kinda-sorta about Jews, it's definitely not anti-semitic these days.

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    What a nightmare for someone raised on paranoid anti-Israel zealotry. One day you're fighting the good ole' Jihad against the infidel Assad, you get knocked unconscious and the next day you wake up in fucking Israel having had your life saved by Israelis.

    Naturally, most of the people interviewed are going to pretend it never happened so their family doesn't think they were implanted with Zio-chips.

    August 5, 2013
    Across Forbidden Border, Doctors in Israel Quietly Tend to Syria’s Wounded

    NAHARIYA, Israel — The 3-year-old girl cried “Mama, Mama” over and over as a stranger rocked her and tried to comfort her. She had been brought from Syria to the government hospital in this northern Israeli town five days earlier, her face blackened by what doctors said was probably a firebomb or a homemade bomb.

    In the next bed, a girl, 12, lay in a deep sleep. She had arrived at the pediatric intensive care unit with a severe stomach wound that had already been operated on in Syria, and a hole in her back.

    Another girl, 13, has been here more than a month recovering from injuries that required complex surgery to her face, arm and leg. She and her brother, 9, had gone to the supermarket in their village when a shell struck. Her brother was killed in the attack.

    As fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels has raged in recent months in areas close to the Israeli-held Golan Heights, scores of Syrian casualties have been discreetly spirited across the hostile frontier for what is often lifesaving treatment in Israel, an enemy country.

    Most are men in their 20s or 30s, many of them with gunshot wounds who presumably were involved in the fighting. But in recent weeks there have been more civilians with blast wounds, among them women and children who have arrived alone and traumatized.

    Israel has repeatedly declared a policy of nonintervention in the Syrian civil war, other than its readiness to strike at stocks of advanced weapons it considers a threat to its security. Officials have also made clear that Israel would not open its increasingly fortified border to an influx of refugees, as Turkey and Jordan have, given that Israel and Syria officially remain in a state of war.

    But the Israeli authorities have sanctioned this small, low-profile humanitarian response to the tragedy taking place in Syria, balancing decades of hostility with the demands of proximity and neighborliness.

    “Most come here unconscious with head injuries,” said Dr. Masad Barhoum, the director general of the Western Galilee Hospital here in Nahariya, on the Mediterranean coast six miles south of the Lebanese border. “They wake up after a few days or whenever and hear a strange language and see strange people,” he said. “If they can talk, the first question is, ‘Where am I?’ ”

    He added, “I am sure there is an initial shock when they hear they are in Israel.”

    The identity of the patients is closely guarded so they will not be in danger when they return to Syria. Soldiers sit outside the wards where the adults are to protect them from possible threats and prying journalists. But doctors granted access to the children in the closed intensive care wing, on the condition that no details that could compromise their safety were published.

    Like many Israeli hospitals, this one serves a mixed population of Jews and Arabs; its staff includes Arabic-speaking doctors, nurses and social workers. In the lobby, a glass display case contains the remnants of a Katyusha rocket that was fired from Lebanon and hit the hospital’s eye department during the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah. The rocket penetrated four floors but nobody was injured because all the north-facing wards had been moved underground.

    With more than 100,000 people estimated to have died in the Syrian civil war, Dr. Barhoum, an Arab Christian citizen of Israel, acknowledged that the Israeli medical assistance was “a drop in the ocean.”

    But he said he was proud of the level of treatment his teams could provide and proud to be a citizen of a country that allowed him to treat every person equally. He said the cost of the treatment so far had amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars and would be paid for by the Israeli government.

    Since late March, almost 100 Syrians have arrived at two hospitals in Galilee. Forty-one severely wounded Syrians have been treated here at the Western Galilee Hospital, which has a new neurosurgical unit as well as pediatric intensive care facilities. Two of them have died, 28 have recovered and been transferred back to Syria, and 11 remain here.

    An additional 52 Syrians have been taken to the Rebecca Sieff Hospital in the Galilee town of Safed. The latest, a 21-year-old man with gunshot and shrapnel wounds, arrived there on Saturday. A woman, 50, arrived Friday with a piece of shrapnel lodged in her heart and was sent to the Rambam hospital in the northern port city of Haifa for surgery.

    Little has been revealed about how they get here, other than that the Israeli military runs the technical side of the operation. The doctors say all they know is that Syrian patients arrive by military ambulance and that the hospital calls the army to come pick them up when they are ready to go back to Syria.

    The Israeli military, which also operates a field hospital and mobile medical teams along the Syrian frontier, has been reluctant to advertise these facilities, partly for fear of being inundated by more wounded Syrians than they could cope with.

    Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman, said that “a number of Syrians have come to the fence along the border in the Golan Heights with various levels of injuries.”

    He added that the military has, “on a purely humanitarian basis, facilitated immediate medical assistance on the ground and in some cases has evacuated them for further treatment in Israeli hospitals.”

    Now, efforts are under way to bring over relatives to help calm the unaccompanied children.

    When the 13-year-old arrived, she was in a state of fear and high anxiety, according to Dr. Zeev Zonis, the head of the pediatric intensive care unit here.

    “A large part of our treatment was to try to embrace her in a kind of virtual hug,” he said.

    Days later, the girl’s aunt arrived from Syria. She began to care for the Syrian children here, living and sleeping with them in the intensive care unit. The staff and volunteers donated clothes and gifts.

    The aunt, her face framed by a tight hijab, said a shell had struck the supermarket in their village suddenly, after a week of quiet. A few days later, she said, an Arab man she did not know came to the village.

    “He told us they had the girl,” she said. “They took me and on the way told me that she was in Israel. We got to the border. I saw soldiers. I was a little afraid.”

    But she added that the hospital care had been good and that “the fear has passed totally.” She was reluctant to speak about the war back home, saying only, “I pray for peace and quiet.”

    Sitting up in bed in a pink Pooh Bear T-shirt, the niece, who was smiling, said she missed home. She and her aunt were expected to return to Syria later this week.

    Asked what she will say when she goes back home, the aunt replied: “I won’t say that I was in Israel. It is forbidden to be here, and I am afraid of the reactions.”

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