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Thread: Abortion

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    I've also yet to come across a single person who wants abortion banned because the government is currently paying for them.
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    Fuzzy, what's your opinion on this new Texas law? Particularly the "enforcement" part that allows any individual to sue anyone for "aiding and abetting" a woman's attempt to get an abortion after 6 weeks?

    PS I already know what you think about my personal opinions. I'm asking you to make a statement about the Texas law, and explain SCOTUS's response (or lack thereof). You like to pose as the legal expert who knows more than any layperson here, so please, explain this law and your opinion of it.
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    I think both the law and the SCOTUS majority's response are shenanigans. As for the enforcement part in particular, while novel, it still runs afoul of the principles applied in past jurisprudence, in that it uses government power to materially interfere with the execution of a constitutionally protected right. I think there will be other legal principles it runs afoul of, in assigning civil liability too loosely (something akin to tortious interference) but am less certain on that point. It may be too novel, or it may just be beyond my limited legal background. So the enforcement mechanism might be within a state government's legitimate power (applied in a ridiculous manner nonetheless) more generally even if it violates a constitutional threshold in this particular application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleFuzzy View Post
    I am amused by Dread's first comment, in light of recent events. Now, government funding abortion is one of the primary vehicles for establishing standing to sue Texas to get the law forbidding abortion for any reason after six weeks struck down.
    I'm amused that Kavanaugh's recent opinion in TransUnion v. Ramirez is a pretty decent reason the Texas law is unconstitutional.

    Since this discussion in 2011 I've made some charitable donations an organization whose explicit goal is to pay, transport or otherwise provide real logistical/financial support for abortions. Though my org has had some mission creep, I started because it was straightforward "Dreadnaught pays money, someone gets an abortion."

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