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Thread: What's messing with your Groove?

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    Flixy, patio gardening can be a tricky thing. If you want lush greenery and vibrant color in just one growing season, annuals are the best bet. If you have a naked wall, try putting up a lattice (can even prop it up if drilling violates your lease) and hang pots filled with trailing annuals. They will "cover" the lattice as they grow, and eventually make the wall a living canvas. Can hang some votive candles in the gaps, that looks really nice at night.

    FYI, annuals in pots need water almost daily, and a fertilizer regime too, but the results can be fantastic. Happy planting!

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    Whatever happened to "use it up, wear it out, make it do"?

    We used to wear clothes until they got frayed or had holes. We'd mend and patch them first, then we'd cut off the hems and sleeves and turn them into new things, like cut-off shorts or sleeveless sweatshirts or denim purses. Scraps were used as rags for all sorts of things. Toe-less cotton socks were especially good for cleaning because they could be worn like a mitt/glove.

    Maybe I'm dating myself by saying this....but I can't believe people actually pay a premium for new "distressed" jeans, or denim cut-off frayed shorts. It's also hard to understand why people BUY cleaning rags and throw them out after just one use...and then complain about our waste problems and push for re-cycling. Hello?

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