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    Almost started a new thread about "Cooking Luddites", but remembered my threads usually suck.

    Anyway, so I haven't had a microwave oven for almost 5 months in my new abode. My friends and family can't believe it. How do you reheat leftovers, or a cold cup of coffee? How do you cook frozen foods? I have to remind them that I do have electricity, and a cooktop/oven.

    I've already said the only thing I really miss is microwave popcorn. While it's true that some frozen foods ONLY have microwave cooking directions, the assumption that everyone has a MW, or has to have a MW is weird and kinda sad.

    edit: and while I'm at it, the plethora of designated cooking devices has reached a new level of absurdity. Pasta makers, rice cookers, egg poachers, pannini presses, waffle irons, etc. Appliances that need their own 'garage', but are rarely used. If it makes people feel like they're better cooks, they'll buy them. Crazy.
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