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Thread: October in America

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    I think the Angels is actually a great choice. Having Trout and Ohtani on a single team - combined with some other decent players - will really change the shape of that division. Should be exciting to see, if he pans out the way the hype suggests!

    I had an interesting conversation with a baseball maven friend of mine, and he argued that it almost makes more sense for Ohtani to go to a NL team if he can play a decent outfielder in a platoon formation. The argument is that as a DH he's replacing a slugger in the slot, so it's likely he'd only be a middling-good DH. But replacing the (normally awful) pitcher spot in an NL rotation every 5 games, the increase in offensive WAR would get noticeable. And if we can play platoon in the outfield, that gives him even more value. The last seems a bit of a stretch since they probably don't want to risk the health of their pitcher for a middling good offensive player, but the DH vs. pitcher slot is a good point.
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    I guess we'll have to make do with Judge and Stanton.

    And I agree, Ohtani would be better off on an NL team. I suppose the Angels save on the need to get a full-time DH. But those are pretty cheap, and probably not much worse than Ohtani even if Ohtani lives up to expectations on the batting end.
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