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Thread: What made you go WTF today?

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    Managers brought together all our techie employees for a "tech heavy training and 2020 roadmap"

    First presenter was an influencer they paid to teach us how to use the cameras on our phones.
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    "In a field where an overlooked bug could cost millions, you want people who will speak their minds, even if they’re sometimes obnoxious about it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by rille View Post
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    TIL RISC is still around.

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    Yes, it's not a quick/easy fix for sure. Put it out on 10 years and it could be something else.

    A bigger transition to 64 bit ARM should happen soon (especially on server side) since it's superior over x86_64.
    But it's overall the same problematics, the architecture is property of one company, and this is one of the results.
    Intel and ARM is a no go in the future anyhow due to this and Intel is fare worse since they dictate instruction set completely.
    For ARM the ISA is the same but many implement thier own microarchitecture, like Appple etc.

    Problematic part with RISC-V (the later is actually already used in china to some degree today) compared to Aarch64 is that it is not mature.
    The basic specification exists which is good enough for primitive systems (like smaller embedded). Today other known companies actually
    use RISC-V for controllers and Intel is going to have to battle ARM at some point as well so they have shown some interest in RISC-V.

    Not sure if CPU is that much of a problem compared to GPU here.
    (I guess that should be equaliy problematic)

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    “Humanity's greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.”
    — Bill Gates

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    The Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in an 8-way tie. An historical first. Each will get $50,000 in prize money.

    I watched the semi-finals, and these kids could spell every obscure and arcane word thrown at them. They basically beat the dictionary!

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    Steve Bannon's "Gladiator Academy". Set up in an Italian monastery, it's a school to teach acolytes of Populism and Nationalism, fulfilling the legacy of medieval Pope Innocent. He wants more Salvinis, Orbans, Le Pens and Palins ruling government across the globe. Seriously.

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