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It would be nice if they weren't so twitchy. In this case, even if the officer should be charged in a perfect world, I can get behind not doing so. Making certain the guy who set up the swatting gets nailed properly is going to involve making arguments which a defense lawyer for this cop will be able to use to secure an acquittal. And working hard to nail this guy despite that just might hand the swatting jackass' lawyer enough to get off too. This is a set of cases where the DA has to decide which person they want to convict more and I can agree with choosing to go after the swatter and letting the officer off due to lacking confidence in the ability to secure a conviction.
Again, the fucking US ARMY has stricter Rules of Engagement than these jackasses. If that had been a soldier he would have been court-martialed.

Food for thought.

Also, by the way: When the DA goes after the swatter he'll have to convince the jury that he should have known that the act of swatting is likely to result in bodily harm for innocent people. This is essentially arguing that interactions with the police can result in your death even if you did nothing wrong. Isn't it nice to know that interactions with the police have to follow the same rules as if you were forced to interact with street thugs: No sudden movements, no provocations and be prepared to die for no reason at all.
Plus: Said street thugs would be a lot more likely to be convicted of a crime if they harmed you.