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Thread: Brexit Begins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
    Please read posts you reply to before replying to them, in this case this part:

    It's obvious you did not read that, or you wouldn't have raised a stupid objection that barely addresses the least important part of the post you had purportedly read before replying. Allow me to reiterate:

    Let me explain why you're being stupid: Moody's has actually given a thorough account of their rationale for the UK's present (downgraded) rating—just as it has done in previous reports—and that account explicitly highlights Brexit-related failures and political-institutional dysfunction as the most important reasons. You first tried to blame the pandemic, and now you're trying to blame Gordon Brown—but all your frantic scrabbling for purchase is in vain, because the report considers other factors to be more important. The spin you're trying to peddle here—like a moron—is only interesting to someone who hasn't read the report. Eg. someone who goes by the alias RandBlade right here on this very forum.

    What you're showing here is a pattern of behavior characterized by laziness, sloppiness—and stupidity. Please just read things properly before responding to them. It would save me a lot of time and energy.
    I did read them properly just because you lie or twist things in your head to mean what you want them to mean does not make them mean what you want them to mean.

    In your own chosen quote they literally called what you're claiming to be "the most important" factor "the third factor". I quoted the first and second factors ...
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    ℬeing upset is understandable, but be upset at yourself for poor planning, not at the world by acting like a spoiled bitch during an interview.

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    I can understand why someone would not like to be held accountable for his contributions to the worst example of national self-harm in this century.
    Trump: Lock him up.

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