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And still; the reason why the ship isn't entirely going up in flames already is that Theresa is at the helm. Any of the Brexiteers would have made a much bigger mess of this. For the simple reason they actually believe their own lies. Even today Rees-Mogg dared repeat the lie that there need not be any Customs controls on the UK border. Effectively telling that the UK wasn't taking back control over its trade from the EU, but simply throwing control as it is to the wind. Your industries would have to compete with cheap imports from wherever people fancied importing from. That was what leavers voted for? Being put out of business and jobs by Chinese behemots ?
You mean like Singapore? Or New Zealand? Absolutely I 100% would back that any believer in free trade rather than protectionism should.

Walk away from these bad-faith negotiations, abolish all tariffs, slash business rates and become the Singapore of Europe. Britain has always thrived best when we open up to the world and turn our backs on your protectionist nonsense.