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Thread: Lasers over Manhattan?

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    Default Lasers over Manhattan?

    Eruvin have always struck me as being among the most heartwarming illustrations of man's boundless ingenuity in the eternal struggle against religious oppression, but I can't help but wonder: are lasers really the way forward?

    The enclosures are just information and a digital enclosure seems, to me, to be the obvious final stage, which we can fast-forward to right now with no further delay. Obviously not as good wrt building community and encouraging physical activity, but much more effective.

    To paraphrase Pratchett, wires in the heart cannot be broken. Ditto for lasers.
    “Humanity's greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.”
    — Bill Gates

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    Seems like a fundamentally flawed solution considering the people who want Eruvim tend to also prohibit electronics usage during the time period when they need the Eruvim.

    Here's a question: if using electricity is prohibited, but an electronic conveyance could increase enforcement of the prohibitions would the ends justify the means to a rabbinical authority?

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