Apart from the breakdown of the social order, rampant cannibalism, petrol wars etc I mean

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Ginger and I will be returning to London again this year, a week and a half or so beginning the second week of the month. So far, all we know is that we'll be seeing Book of Mormon on the 10th. We intend to see Wicked and the Lion King as well if possible, and avail ourselves to some Shakespeare in the park maybe catch a movie as well but other than that our itinerary is very open.

Do any of you Londonites have any good insider info on fun things coming up this August? Anything you're looking forward to in particular? We're not fussy, we mostly enjoy wandering around in urban settings and people-watching but find musicals, comedy etc. esp. enjoyable.

As always, if you're in town and would like to hit up a pub or catch a show, holla no politics allowed of course.