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Thread: Moors murderer dies aged 79 - Should prisoners be allowed to kill themselves?

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    Apparently nearly half the US population is underweight and everyone else is pretending to have diabetes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewkowski View Post
    Nah but we're basically at the point where anyone who kills anyone is 'mentally ill.'

    Addiction? Mental Illness.

    Confused about gender? Mental Illness.

    Attention wanders? Mental Illness.

    Very selfish? Mental Illness.

    The term 'mental illness' means pretty much nothing if you are getting to the point that more people have one than don't. You know what I call someone who likes to torture kids? Evil. Not insane. Evil.
    PRO-TIP: do not take a piece of hyperbole ("pfft everyone has a mental illness these days") then try and base a point around that piece of hyperbole as if it was literally true.
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