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Thread: How to discuss the mental health of political leaders....

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    Default How to discuss the mental health of political leaders....

    We're stuck in a weird place, in the Trump Era:

    1) It's been said that even questioning Kim Jong Un's mental health is a slippery slope, because he's acting "rationally and strategically". Therefore, it would be a mistake to call him crazy or psycho.

    2) Trump was known to be an ego-driven narcissist, with sexist and racist characteristics, and authoritarian tendencies, but he was elected anyway. Therefore, it's a mistake to question his mental health.

    3) Ronald Reagan was exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's toward the end of his last term, but we only know that in retrospect. His deteriorating mental health was a closely held secret, protected by everyone around him.

    So how do we discuss the "mental health" of our leaders, when even that has become so politicized that critics are called arm-chair diagnosticians, or political hacks using psychiatric litmus tests, and it's just all so *inappropriate*?

    What if all this anti-PC and anti-establishment rhetoric means we can't even remove someone from office if/when they become "unfit for office"?

    edit: this isn't exclusive to Trump or POTUS. We have life-terms for SCOTUS judges, which makes removing them 'for cause' complicated and arduous. Even long respected Senators (like John McCain, who's battling cancer that's metastasized to his brain) are given so much leeway that we expect they'll retire or resign, but they don't
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