In 2018, Poland, a member of the EU, has criminalized the accurate retelling of its history:

Poland's steady descent into an illiberal ultra-nationalistic revisionist dystopia is a threat to democracy and the rule of law in the EU. Others will be inspired, and follow suit, trying to whitewash the past and free themselves of the normative restraints that are ultimately the most important protections minorities have against persecution. Although this legislation explicitly acknowledges that the Holocaust occurred, I believe it should be regarded as the first step in institutionalized Holocaust denialism. Overt denialism also seems to have surged, led by Anglo-American redpilled "race-realists" who're exploiting Conservatives' growing fondness for Islamophobic views to sneak antisemitic ideas into the public consciousness. On the bright side, most people recognize these people for being the weird-ass losers they are. But, on the other hand, a growing number of new and future voters--and their would-be representatives--are openly talking about "the JQ" and flinging parentheses every which way. This shit needs to be killed in the cradle.