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Thread: "Constitutional Crisis"

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    Default "Constitutional Crisis"

    The US needs to define and delineate what a "constitutional crisis" means.

    Are we approaching one? Are we already there?

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    Trump is sowing mistrust of the Justice Dept, the FBI (and Intelligence agencies), and the Fourth Estate. Congress is dysfunctional (we have "government shutdowns" every couple of weeks) and another huge budget deficit. Meanwhile, there are continued international threats, security concerns, and midterms elections coming soon. And the White House is in disarray. Did I miss anything?

    If our government is based on three equal branches with checks and it a "constitutional crisis" when the Executive is messed up, and the Legislature isn't doing anything about it? Seriously, what's the metric?
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    The phrase has no legal significance that I know of.

    You have a political crisis more than a constitutional one. The constitution is still operating as it is meant to.
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    Are we there yet?

    edit: Thanks to Loki for posting this link in the Trump thread. Too important to stay buried there!

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