"In what authorities said was a premeditated beatdown, a gang of six Rikers Island prison inmates attacked a New York City correction officer Saturday.

The unidentified 39-year-old officer was hospitalized in serious condition, Michael Skelly, a spokesman for the Correction Officers Benevolent Association, told the New York Post.

Media reports said the officer had suffered a broken neck or "fractured spine."

According to internal records, the beating took place in the George Motchan Detention Center around 6:30 p.m. A known Bloods gang member -- identified as Steven Espinal -- struck the officer in the head before five other inmates joined in, the New York Daily News reported."

This kind of bull shit shouldn't be tolerated. Here you have monsters walking around in human clothing who are in prison, already being punished for their evil, continue to carry it out during their stay. At a certain point people are simply too dangerous to be allowed to live. If they threw these six piece of trash into a pile of gasoline and lit it on fire I would be that one juror who would gladly vote not guilty even if it was videotaped.

Frankly we are far too lenient on violent criminals in this country. Once you participate in something like this.. no privileges. No visitors. No books. No magazines. No television. Nothing but blank walls, 3 meals and a toilet.