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Thread: When will they come for the truckers?

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    Found a Kurzgesagt that I somehow hadn't seen before, and it happened to be related to this topic:

    Also, for variety, here's CGP Grey:

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    Wow, great videos Wraith!

    It's true, this is a new era that can't be treated like previous eras, where innovation meant more jobs for more people. (Loved the horse analogy)

    Are humans creating, designing, and innovating our own redundancy....and ultimately our own demise? That sounds radical but reasonably worrisome at the same time. A paradoxical conundrum?

    edit: and here's my drunken take on the dilemma: we're quick to think computer bots are 'good' when they make our lives easy (like getting cash from an ATM, or depositing checks via smartphones, or getting news alerts from apps, or using GPS to avoid traffic, or hailing a ride from Uber or Lyft, or an airline pilot using auto-control, etc etc ) but we're slow to admit when those bots have infiltrated social media and "news" sources, affecting our democratic voting process, let alone work and jobs. Maybe it's a human quirk that we can't find fault in man-made constructs, and we're blinded to potential harms...or do we think we can control the negative outcomes because we created the construct in the first place?
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