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Thread: What's the future impact of Trumpism?

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    Default What's the future impact of Trumpism?

    Besides bragging about grabbing women by their pussies (because you'll be allowed to do anything if you're a reality tv star, even shooting someone on 5th Ave. without repercussions)....or taking over the Republican party (even though you don't espouse any traditional Republican principles)...what does the future of Trumpism actually mean?

    Policy decided by WH aides duking it out like gladiators? A POTUS using Twitter at 5am to stoke social media, then dissing news for covering that? A congress that doesn't do anything?

    I think Trumpism is an example of how dangerous the future might be, because it exposes the weaknesses in our constitution, that gave equal power to three branches of government, but didn't address what to do when the Executive fails and the house and senate also fail to do their duty. Putting party over country. Can a nation have collective ADD?

    I'm so disappointed. Frustrated. Embarrassed. Angry. But mostly sad. I can't be the only one that feels this way, or worries that the future impact of Trumpism will ultimately lead to very bad things.

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    Maybe I'm talking to myself, but I think Trumpism will break the Republican Party into so many pieces that it won't be recognizable as a cohesive, political party based on shared principles. That's not good in what's a predominately two-party system. I used to think something like this would lead to a third party insurgence, but seeing how (R) means defending Trumpism, being Republican means a very different thing now.

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