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Thread: Happy Easter :o

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    Default Happy Easter :o

    Hope y'all have a nice long weekend. We're currently at my in-laws' cabin relaxing, listening to golden oldies and waiting for a spectacular dinner. I'm catching up on some reading. It's warm and sunny but the snow hasn't melted away, v. lovely being a fool, I didn't bother to take the whole weekend off, so I'll be on call during the day on Sunday instead of getting a four-day weekend. Fortunately, because it's Easter you get twice as much comp time so I'll be able to take several days off later. Worth it, all in all.

    Food-wise, Easter is pretty great. It's a welcome departure from the typical Swedish hams and herring and gravlax etc. Instead you get smoked and poached salmon, smoked and grilled lamb, Janssons frestelse (one of my favorite dishes) and ridiculous amounts of eggs.
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    You get twice as much comp time for being on-call during Easter? :yikes:

    The best part about Easter is getting eggs, ham, sculpted butter, chocolate bunnies, all sorts of candy and other "stuff" at half-price....the day after. It's almost become a Hallmark Holiday.

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