Although Amnesty, HRW and others have sought to drum up outrage with their reports of people not posing immediate threats being shot in the head from 200m away, often from behind, cheerful Palestinian protesters have celebrated this auspicious day by playing variations of tennis and badminton near the border wall. Unfortunately, we won't be getting a detailed account of these events from UN agencies because the US has wisely chosen to direct the UN's attention towards more important matters. I must confess to some puzzlement at international orgs' efforts to get some sort of justice for some of the 60 dead and 2000 injured. The world mustered barely a shrug at news of journalists being killed & mutilated; it's not going to give a damn about angry protesters.

In other news, the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem was graced by two particularly respected Americans who are best known for their work on why Jews will go to hell and how Hitler was a half-Jew who was somehow doing God's work. Some of you may think I'm exaggerating this one, but, if I am, it's only by a little. Yep, we're still in 2018.