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    Default New Orleans

    Our AmEx British Airways points are piling up, and we're looking to use them to get us return flights to New Orleans.

    May 2019 is looking most likely.

    We'll miss the Mardi Gras festivals unfortunately, but otherwise it seems like a good time to go.

    As a lover of jazz I've always wanted to get out to New Orleans so I'm really looking forward.

    Anyone been to visit? Any must-sees? Any don't-dos?
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    I don't have anything to contribute to answer your questions (never been) other than to say have fun! New Orleans looks like an incredible city with wonderful cultures and I'd love to go one day too. Have a great time
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    Make sure to apologize to your arteries in advance we're using our AmEx points to send my mum to Canada somewhere.
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    1) Don't visit during hurricane season.

    2) Do try to find off-beat venues for music and food that won't be found on social media or web links. (Locals keep secrets for good reasons!)

    3) Be open to changing your itinerary after you've arrived, especially for hotel accommodations. Any penalty fee is probably worth it. (Many places are still rebuilding and dealing with mold mitigation, the kind of thing that won't show on their web site.)

    4) Don't rent a car or buy a tour guide service. Instead, use a public bus or taxi. (Tourists can often get better info just by asking people riding the bus, or their taxi driver.)

    5) Do spend some time at working wharves and seaports. That won't be on the tourist map, but it's worth it to see the seafood chain in action.

    6) Travel light, pack small, be nimble and casual. (Don't worry about fancy dress clothes or shoes that weigh you down.)

    7) Go beyond Bourbon Street and New Orleans proper. Explore the outer parishes, the boat docks, the small family diners, the neighborhood bars. That's where the flavor of New Orleans lives large....

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    Is there any reason you wanna go/things you wanna experience besides Jazz?

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