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Thread: Remember this guy? Violent Left

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    "A call to police went out shortly after 7 as the political officials scrambled for cover. When officers arrived on the scene, they exchanged fire with the suspect, running towards him while dodging the spray of bullets, and eventually killing him. Unfortunately, Hodgkinson’s damage had already been done.

    Subsequent investigations revealed Hodgkinson as a man with a clear hatred for Republicans. His social media profiles were filled with extremely liberal views, and he had even volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign during the 2016 election. He had arrived at the field in a white van—he was living out of it—with his legally purchased rifle and a list of six conservative members of congress, presumably his targets."

    I'm wondering if the massive amount of hate and vitriol from the left after these hearings will lead to another assassination attempt. The violent left has really gotten out of control and so few Democratic leaders will explicitly condemn violence and harassment.

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    Is this a parody account?
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