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Thread: A new test of US - Saudi relations

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    CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination

    "Trump has told senior White House officials that he wants Mohammed to remain in power because Saudi Arabia helps to check Iran, which the administration considers its top security challenge in the Middle East. He has said that he does not want the controversy over Khashoggi’s death to impede oil production by the kingdom."

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    Trump believes bin Salman's personal denials more than the CIA's analysis. Just like he believes Putin over our intelligence agencies.

    And he's making shit up about $450 Billion in Saudi 'purchases' and hundreds of thousands (maybe a million!) US jobs on the line if we don't keep the status quo. He's also saying our economy could tank if Saudi oil gets more expensive (he's personally kept oil prices low), and one journalist's death and dismemberment just isn't worth losing money over. He's even calling it "America First".

    Will congress do anything or just let Trumpelstiltskin continue this way?

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    "In a field where an overlooked bug could cost millions, you want people who will speak their minds, even if they’re sometimes obnoxious about it."

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    What Trump edited out of his statement, right after "maybe he did, maybe he didn't" was " but I don't give a shit either way." He might have added "and if he did, I don't blame him." And maybe he's wishing he could do the same thing to journalists he doesn't like. That's the character of the man, so nobody should be surprised he continues to deepen the US abdication of even a pretense of care for moral values and leadership.
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    Copper- behave toward others to elicit treatment you would like (the manipulative rule)
    Gold- treat others how you would like them to treat you (the self regard rule)
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    In business, business is business.
    Personal mattters are personal.
    Trade is business.
    Freedom - When people learn to embrace criticism about politicians, since politicians are just employees like you and me.

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    Apparently, Jared is in charge of Saudi relations. Since he's pals with the prince. Even gave him advice on how to weather the bad press.

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