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    I picked this up, and the game is actually pretty cool. I like a lot of the mechanics, and although I haven't gotten to the kingdom management portion, I'm looking forward to that too. Unfortunately, it looks like Kingmaker was pushed out the door a couple months too early, and it's got a few bugs and several balance problems. I haven't hit any showstopper bugs myself, just minor annoyances, but from the patchnotes it looks like people deep into the game were hitting showstoppers. On the plus side, it seems like devs are pushing pretty hard to fix up everything and add feature requests from the player base.

    My biggest complaint right now is how difficult they make it to create a custom party in the early game.

    I haven't made it past Act 1 yet, started over after the bandit lord fight proved too difficult for my party to handle. Even the trash mobs there were kicking my ass. Going to wait until they patch out more of the problems.

    Anyone else get this, and if so, what are your thoughts?
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