Critical Emergency! Thousands of criminals and gang members from Central America are approaching our southern border! Rapists and murderers! They will infest us with diseases like Tb, Leprosy, and SMALLPOX!

They will pose as refugees seeking asylum, and use children as a foil, but don't be fooled. They're coming for us, they're coming for YOU! They'll take your job, deplete our national reserves, and change our American culture!

Be very afraid. *BUT* if you vote Republican on 11/6, it's a vote for Trump....and only Trump can protect us!

He's not just going to build The Great Border Wall, but will change Immigration Laws, and rescind all this nonsense about chain-migration and Refugees seeking Asylum from shit-hole nations. He's also going to send over 5,000 military troops to assist Customs and Border Patrol, ICE, and National protect us from these invaders. And he's going to rescind birth-right citizenship, too!