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Thread: VBulletin Upgrade to 4.2.5

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    Default VBulletin Upgrade to 4.2.5

    Tonight I'll be upgrading the forum to version 4.2.5. This is a waypoint on the way to an upgrade to version 5 to make my life easier, and hopefully fix a few of the bugs that have been creeping in as web browsers have advanced and our forum hasn't.

    If anyone wants a preview, the test site I upgraded last night is here. Be aware that some of the links will take you back to the real forum, and I have no intention of fixing those before the upgrade.

    When I upgrade to version 5 there'll be a lengthier preview period.

    I'll throw a notice up on the main forum here about 30 minutes before the upgrade to let anyone know it's coming. The forum will be shut down for about 10-20 minutes during the upgrade.

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