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    Default Happy new year

    Pretty great, all things considered. So many public holidays and weekends that we've gotten like 16 consecutive days off (save for one day-shift on call on the 24th). Extremely relaxing. Celebrating with my mum for the first time in a million years, and enjoying reviewing the year (reviews forthcoming). Hope you guys have had a great night and that you get a good start to what will undoubtedly be a very exciting year.
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    The best part is knowing that people all around the world are celebrating the same calendar! Happy 2019!

    The weird part is that humans view Time according to the calendar....

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    Uhh, GGT, plenty of people around the world don't use the same calendar. In fact for large swaths of the world this is just another day. I'd even hazard a guess that most of the people who do celebrate New Year's today do so because of cultural imperialism and rampant commercialism but not any particular interest in the Gregorian calendar (cf China et al).
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    Yeah, I figured that, wiggin. My favorite Chinese restaurant has their own lunar calendar, and the JCC has their religious calendar. But for the most part, it's agreed that 2019 is the New Year. Banking is a global phenomenom, huh.

    Happy fucking New Year!

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    I object to the anti-Islamic imperialism of the Gregorian calendar

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