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Thread: Taxes on chemicals in certain electronics

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    Default Taxes on chemicals in certain electronics

    Ah... more lovely taxes on chemicals in certain electronics in Sweden.

    I'm not against it since it doesn't affect me much... but I really wish I could track that money!
    Environment taxes should go to the environment, I'm uncertain if that is the case (?).

    In general, I currently don't like the tax this and tax that mentality. It should be kept simple.
    Tax, exception income tax, should aim at one purpose, and then optimize the society with as little administration as possible.

    How is "Taxes on chemicals in certain electronics" in other countries?
    (flame retardants)

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    Environmental taxes should not per se go to environment, because a) in general no taxes go directly to one thing directly (e.g. I don't have a separate police tax, military tax, public transportation tax etc), they go to the government which spends it according to the budget and b) the website specifically mentions the tax is not to pay for environmental protection but to deter the use of said chemicals, similar to, say, tobacco duties.

    And finally this is about consumer health not environment to begin with, so if anything it should go to the healthcare budget.

    That said I'm quite certain costs to society from environmental protection in general are far higher than specific environmental taxes anyway.
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