A leak of memos detailing the low opinion Kim Darroch—the UK's ambassador to the US—has of Trump led the toddler in chief to attack the ambassador in a truly presidential manner. Darroch's—and England's—greatest humiliation, however, came at the hands of his own presumptive PM, who publicly threw him under the bus, setting an extremely harmful precedent that will no doubt send chills through the British civil service. Diplomats must be able to provide their governments with clear and honest assessments, and they can only do so if they can count on their govts to stand by them; Johnson's decision to throw loyalty to the wind, and debase both himself and his country before Trump, will undoubtedly have negative repercussions for the work done by the UK's civil servants. Deeply embarrassing, if you expect a PM to adhere to even the lowest standards of courage and integrity. Unsurprising once you recall how far England has fallen under the governance of the increasingly degenerate Conservative Party.