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    "Mugabe’s decision to pursue white Zimbabwean farmers under the sensitive banner issue of land reform was a key turning point in his 37-year rule and put the nail in the coffin for his relationship with former colonial power Britain and other western countries. Many white commercial farmers, responsible for large chunks of the agriculture-led economy, fled the country, some feared for their lives. The fallout cost Zimbabwe international economic partners and investors also departed as the economy spiraled out of control.

    Mnangagwa had already during his inauguration speech that the land reform policy will not be reversed but also made assurances that his administration will seek to champion property rights. Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said this week the government will open dialogue with affected commercial farmers to make “appropriate compensation”."

    Oh yeah, don't return land to those who were the best producers. I'm sure y'all will do just fine.

    "More than five million people in Zimbabwe - about a third of the population - need food aid, with many coming close to starving, the UN says."

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    It's a bit late to return land, Lewk (and anyone who tried to accept it and move back is demonstrating Darwinically that they're too stupid to be allowed to manage lands in the first place). A full age cohort has been born and grown to adulthood since Mugabe started seizing at the turn of the century.
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