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    Very concerning what is going on in Hong Kong. Looks like it could be building up to a Tiananmen Square situation.
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    Not going to happen like that. Far to many CCP officials have investments funneled through HK because China's economy is built like a house of cards.

    They have to appear strong, but money rules above ideology in China. The military only has to flex until Sept, when school will naturally take the winds out of the protester's sails.
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    At the same time inspiring and extremely disconcerting. Have a couple of friends there r n. Can't even imagine what it's like, but they said there's a strong sense that this is a truly pivotal moment.
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    I don't understand why Beijing doesn't go all dictatorship on HK and send in the troops, crushing the protest, and removing HK's semi-autonomous status to prevent a repeat.

    It's not like the international outcry that would result makes any difference to Beijing. The hypocritical leaderships we have in the West wouldn't make the slightest move to reduce or stop trade with China for the harm to their own economies such a move would bring, a move which is the only way the West can influence China really.
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    It would send a terrible signal to Taiwan. It would need to permanently occupy the place (at a large cost). And it will inevitably affect the economy of Hong Kong and probably even the mainland.
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    “Humanity's greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.”
    — Bill Gates

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