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Thread: Hong Kong / What If?

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    What (if anything) should America and the world do if China goes in guns blazing and brutally shuts down the HK protests? Let's put death toll at the 10K-ish level.

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    Yeah, man. What if?

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    Dismantling the Belt and Road Initiative would be a good start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loki View Post
    Dismantling the Belt and Road Initiative would be a good start.
    I think China would send a strong enough signal to the world to make certain that the kind of entanglement that comes with that project is entirely undesireable. Otherwise I don't see any direct action we could actually take. The De jure separate status of Hong Kong has become a paper kitten long time ago and with China's status in the international structure it won't even come as far as formal condemnation of whatever it chooses to do in Hongkong. I don't see tens of thousands dead in the streets though if they crush the protests. Tens of thousands in 're-education' facilities for a undefined periode, that's much more likely.
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