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    In the US this is a recurring problem: millions of people evacuate for dangerous hurricanes, but they eventually return home and begin the rebuilding process. Zoning and building codes have gotten better, and federal funding helps, but that doesn't mean we're addressing the root problems; we're still *reacting* to Emergencies/Disasters but not trying to prevent or avoid them. Spinning wheels is expensive.

    At some point we'll have to admit that millions of people will become "Climate Refugees"; that it won't just happen within US borders, but the US will be considered a refuge by other nations, especially poorer ones (like Haiti, or the Bahamas). And that droughts in places like Syria can fuel a civil war, and the Amazon forest burning in Brazil can spark global problems, etc.

    What kind of policies can address this? It's a broad and open-ended question...ready, set, GO!
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    No takers? That's surprising since immigration is a hot topic in US and Europe. Coupled with extreme weather events and climate change....there will be hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people migrating, moving across borders, looking for new homes in the next decades.

    Parts of the Bahamas is destroyed, uninhabitable. They'll need to evacuate outside their country, at least for a while, and some may never go back. IMO the US should temporarily suspend their Visa requirements, and not just for critically injured -- and re-evaluate how long emergency humanitarian waivers last before they can apply for citizenship. That's just one policy aspect....but it's controversial in the Trump era.

    Eventually we'll have another administration, but immigration will still be a hot topic. Shouldn't we have a long-term plan that addresses population changes?

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