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Thread: Violence against Jews / Do Liberals Care?

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    Default Violence against Jews / Do Liberals Care?

    Some of my favorite twitter takes on this from the article:

    "Jews: We're being killed. Jews should carry and protect themselves.

    The Left: No

    Jews: Ok, so we'll ask police to come to our neighborhoods and protect us.

    Left: No

    Jews: Ok, we'll help educate the public about ALL forms of anti-Semitism -not just white supremacism.

    Left: No"


    "First they came for the Jews... but I did not speak out, for I wasn't Jewish.

    Then they came for the Jews again... but I did not speak out, because the attacker wasn't White.

    And they came for the Jews yet again... but I did not speak out, because the attacker wasn't pro Trump."

    Damn they brought the zingers on this one.

    On a serious note - have you ever wondered why the media 'hypes' up certain types of violent crime and others not so much? Officer shoots a white person - almost no coverage. Black officer shoots a black person, almost no coverage. White officer shoots a black person? Time to put it across every news station and help spark riots! Same thing here with attacks on Jewish people. Perpetrator is white? Let's spend a lot of time on it. Racist person is instead black... crickets. Hell the fucktards in the media will claim its white supremacy without proof and then fail to apologize to their audience and spend an equal amount of time covering the fact that it was a black guy who did it.

    Now we know liberals don't care about terrorism against Israel but now it seems they have stopped caring about terorrism here in America unless it's carried out by a Trump supporter.

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    I don't know, I've seen plenty of coverage of this and the prior high profile attack in Jersey City (more mundane antisemitic attacks generally don't merit national coverage). And while the motives of the Monsey attacker are far from clear, after Jersey City there was a great deal of discussion in the 'mainstream media' about those strains of Black Hebrews that are out and out antisemitic.

    I think that antisemitic violence still actually gets disproportionate coverage compared to other forms of racist violence. That's not to say that the enduring vileness of antisemitism shouldn't be exposed in all its forms and that antisemitism is not one of the biggest forms of overt racism in the West (certainly in reported incidents, it's way more than you'd expect for the size of the Jewish population). But we should still have a sense of perspective.
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    This stabbing is front page story on every newspaper I check (unlike the bombing that killed ~100 in Somalia), including foreign ones. But sure, it's not getting much coverage.
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    I don't think the attacks were underreported in the media I see on a regular basis. Maybe it say something about your sources of information Lewkowski.

    I think it's silly whataboutism to demand that everything everywhere gets the same amount of attention anyway. Humans would be in a permanent state of deep depression if they wouldn't have some strong filters to filter out most of the bad things that happen in the world most of the time.
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    Antisemitism is a vile cancer that is particularly endemic on parts of the far left, especially this side of the pond where it ties up with anti-Americanism (something I imagine is less of an issue on your side). This actually became a key issue in this year's General Election which is a tragic inditement that this is occuring in the year 2019. No form of racism is acceptable. Many Labour supporters here have now started to blame the Jews and Jewish media on their defeat this year.

    Having said that, Lewkowski is full of shit as normal. Yes "liberals" care, decent ones anyway. Moderate left and right are not racists, it is a vile strain of far left, like far right, that are racist bigots. The tendency to define anyone who is racist as "far right" is part of the problem, the reality is that extremists on either side tend to go for extreme opinions which can certainly include antisemitism and other forms of racism.

    Oh and far from being ignored this story is front page news not just on American sites/papers but on the BBC's homepage too.
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    The attacker seems like he has severe developmental problems or is profoundly mentally ill. Of course these kind of attacks don't happen in a vacuum, regardless of who the perpetrator is. Something must have driven the guy to look up this info.
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    Is it weird I don't think those online searches were that horrible, or do I just search for horrible things?

    Well, at this point it at least isn't Iranian government-induced mental illness.

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