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    I really enjoyed 1. 2 was entertaining but went through it too quickly with a team of 4 (about 6 hours) and never went back to do it by myself. Has anyone tried 3 yet?

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    Better late than never!

    Borderlands 2 was a masterpiece and the GOTY edition has to be one of the best value games you can buy. They got just about everything right; story, characters, classes, weapons, DLCs, humor. Everything. 435 hours played in total and I'd play it through again.

    I also thought the pre-sequel was great. Nowhere near the scale of BL2, but great class design again, still a good story and some cool new fight mechanics. 170 hours played and I'd be happy to play through again.

    So I was all packed and ready for the BL3 hype train.

    I've played for 115 hours and I don't think I have any urge to play it again. So much of it seemed a bit 'off' and lacking. The story and villains were forgettable, the zones seemed annoyingly complex at times, and non of the classes really got me hooked. But I think the biggest gripe I had was that there were simply too many guns. They seemed to have racked up the drop rate hugely (especially legendaries) compared with previous games and it all became tiresome.

    Bit of a let down.

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