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    Canadian physician Dr. Bruce Aylward, an aide to WHO director-general Dr.Tedros Adhanom, sat down for a video interview with RTHK about the coronavirus outbreak where he was asked whether the organization would "consider Taiwan's membership."

    For several seconds, Aylward sat in silence.

    "Hello?" the reporter asked.


    "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear your question Yvonne," Aylward responded.

    "Okay, let me repeat the question," she said.

    "No, that's okay. Let's move to another one then," the WHO official told her.

    The reporter doubled down, saying she was "curious" to talk about Taiwan as well as the ongoing pandemic, but Aylward quickly hangs up.

    After calling him again, the reporter asked about what his thoughts were to Taiwan's response to the outbreak.

    "Well, we've already talked about China," Aylward answered. "And you know, when you look across all the different areas of China, they've actually all done quite a good job."


    Wow that's insane. But wait that's not the only time...

    "On 28 January, Tedros visited China and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. After the trip, he praised China for its “commitment to transparency.” This is in contrast to the report of human rights observers who slammed China for its censorship measures that had prevented the flow of critical information concerning the outbreak. As of 21 February, 416 netizens have been punished for “spreading rumors” about the novel coronavirus.

    Tedros deferred the declaration of PHEIC until 30 January, but he stressed that there was no need to “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade”.

    Just a few days back on 26 January, the Wuhan mayor admitted that more than five million Wuhan residents had left the city before it was placed under lockdown. There was fear that those who left the city had brought the virus around the country. In less than a week, the number of confirmed cases in China had jumped to almost 10,000. As more and more cities announced drastic measures to contain the virus, those who can afford had left China for an extended vacation in other countries."

    China needs to be recognized as the enemy of the free people of the world. Its tentacles have reached deep into not only the WHO but into American companies - hell Lebron James even criticized fellow members of the NBA for speaking out against China. During WW2 it was the Nazi's who were the evil the of the world. After that the evil empire was the Soviet Union. We thought that after 9/11 the great specter of evil was Muslim Terrorism (and to be sure they are quite awful) but in terms of impact to the world it is clear that China is the worst.

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    I thought international organizations were powerless/pointless. It's almost as if abandoning any attempt to maintain influence in them allowed someone else to fill the vacuum. Maybe the US can threaten to withhold funding again. I hear it worked great last time around.
    Hope is the denial of reality

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