Tragic shooting of Jazmine Barnes reached national attention (even though other shootings of little children in poor neighborhoods do not) simply because the original belief was that a white person did the crime. There were rallies and protests, whole 9 yards and then shortly afterward when it was learned that the shooting was actually done by a black dude the story just disappears from the major networks.

We've chatted before that fewer black folks are shot down by police officers than white folks. And while there is a discussion to be had regarding level of criminality vs. population size (as well as other factors) why do you only hear specifics about race when the shooter is white and the person shot by the officers is black? Why is it when a black officer shoots a black suspect there is barely a peep?

You are being manipulated by the media - they are pushing an agenda. And sadly so many people on social media (and this forum) are completely blind to it.

Could you imagine the media circus that would surround the scenario of 4 white people kidnapping and torturing a disabled black guy on live-stream and then having one of the perpetrators being sentenced to only probation? Because that actually happened in reverse and while it did get some media attention I saw no mass protests or rallies or anything of the sort.