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Thread: Kenosha shootings

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    If there had been a "good guy with a gun" they could have shot Kyle there and then and there would have been no need for a trial.
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    ℬeing upset is understandable, but be upset at yourself for poor planning, not at the world by acting like a spoiled bitch during an interview.

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    So I went back and read the thread. Found this little gem.
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    2. I suspect we'll see a sharp increase of violence, especially if the race is close as the crazy Left can't swallow the results. We'll see a day or two of rioting and then the National Guard comes out and it dies down. Then the DOJ gets to work and puts extraordinary effort to absolutely destroy all violent rioters. National Guard that get attacked can be prosecuted federally. People going to prison for years will create a climate of fear. Yes you may peacefully protest but you can never do so violently without facing sanction.

    3. Bottom line is people will be worn out of politics. They'll just want to go back to living as normal and realize that no monumental change is going to occur.

    That's my armchair analysis.
    Great analysis sir. You failed to foresee the crazy right who cannot swallow the result and crazy lawyers who talk bollocks and a sleazeball president who scams his support for donations to fund those crazy court cases, funds which actually end up in the pocket of said corrupt sleazeball. You forgot to foresee death threats from crazy lawyers towards the ex cyber security chief for telling the truth. Is that the climate of fear you were predicting?

    And all this while a pandemic spirals out of control which kills thousands of Americans each day and is completely ignored in favour of the Scam.
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