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Thread: Whitewashing Cleopatra

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    Default Whitewashing Cleopatra

    OMG *facepalm emoji*

    Apparently Gal Gadot portraying the Ptolemaic Cleopatra is 'whitewashing'

    I think some really people need to pick up a history book.
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    "Woke" liberals are the worst.

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    One of the tweets sourced has fewer than a dozen comments, most in disagreement, no retweets, and no likes.

    If thats the best they can find for average joes being up in arms, I think we are doing ok.
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    I looked through this when it happened. There were a number of checkmark accounts who were pushing this BS and they each had a few hundred retweets. There was a ton of pushback immediately, but this wasn't a case of one idiot.
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    It's all that asses milk. It pales the complexion.
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    Without even bothering to actually do any research (because it's such a safe bet): I would venture that Cleopatra, being a Ptolemaic queen of Egypt, was actually white.
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