The other day I happened on an episode of LOTR, I'm not quite certain which one it was, I never was a big fan. This time I watched a little bit of it. And then there it was again; the night-before singing. Supposedly wonderful song, bonding the guys and gals on the eve of the big confrontation with ultimate evil (or its minions). It gives me gag reflexes. It ranks high amongst the reasons why I don't really like the LOTR or the Hobbit. I seriously can't stand it. I know there are millions of people who wet their pants listening to this kind of song. So I'm asking you: Are you one of them? And do you think you can explain what's so great about this singing? The closest I know to it in real life is Turkish friends who can't sing bursting out in song. Which then you are obliged to recognize as the hight of cultural pleasure (when you really feel like sticking a fork in your face, preferably in your eyes.