Oakland’s Chinatown has been experiencing an uptick in robberies and assaults on residents -- including elderly people -- in recent months, according to multiple reports and the police.

The Oakland Police Department said it is allocating more resources and patrols to Chinatown ahead of Lunar New Year on Friday amid a "recent surge in violent assaults" over the last few months.

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley on Monday announced charges against 28-year-old Yahya Muslim in connection with an assault on three people -- including a 91-year-old man -- in Oakland late last month, KTVU FOX 2 reported.

Video surveillance released by police shows a suspect assaulting the man, as well as two people ages 55 and 60, in the 800 block of Harrison Street on Jan. 31.

Carl Chan, president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, said during a press conference last week that young people have started carrying guns for their safety.

"So they’re also hurting people before they’re being robbed," Chan said.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf denounced the "intentional targeting" of Asian merchants and residents as "abhorrent."

"We will do everything within our power and resources to put an end to it," she said."

A lot of media outlets are refusing to run the obvious story here, however I bet if it was white folks being the primary offender we'd here never ending montage of "White Supremacy" stories and news reels but when it is black folks doing the attacks... honestly we should just get used to the double standards because I doubt the media will change. If it doesn't fit their narrative it will be buried.

But let's talk about solutions. Why is it that the black community in California can't seem to be more tolerant of Asians?