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I'm unsure how this is a meaningful rebuttal to Lewk's premise. If there is, as Lewk posits, in no small part satirically, a problem with anti Asian racism in the wider black community, existing as a kind of mirror to what many would have you believe common in the wider white community, then this violence provoked by mental health is just exposing bare what would otherwise be hidden by less impulsive behavior. In essence a mental health rendition of in vino veritas. Lewk's obvious point here isn't about which communities are more racist, and to whom they are racist, (though he may also hold opinions about that) but instead the differences with which racism and racist attacks are covered by the news media, popular culture, and politicians writ large.
I assume there are racists in every community. But certain Republican politicians and media personalities are constantly making Covid's link to China into a salient issue. For some of those people, Democrat or Republican, this will be enough to drive them over the edge from implicit racism to overt racism. And a small subset of those people will end up using violence. And you'd have to be deluded to think that the president (Trump) saying something and having that be reported on widely is going to be ignored by non-Republicans.