Blah blah - some 13 year old gang banger dies by cop. But let's skip to the end of the article:

"Lightfoot also directed Brown to draft a new foot pursuit policy before the anticipated summer surge in violence – reforms that still have not been put in place four years after the Justice Department recommended that the Chicago Police Department develop a new policy given how "poor police practices" make for "tactically unsound foot pursuits" that pose a danger to both officers and public.

"It is one of the most dangerous things that they engage in. They often get separated from their partners. Communication is difficult. You’re running through a dense, urban environment. An alley, a street, a backyard," Lightfoot said. "It’s way past time that we reckon with this reality that happens literally multiple times every day across many neighborhoods in our city, hundreds of times a year.""

What is Lightfoot actually proposing? Just letting criminals get away? That's literally the purpose of the police! To hunt down criminals, and either successfully arrest them or if they are armed and refuse to drop their weapon, put the threat down. I understand the idea of making sure a pursuit is tactically sound for the safety of the officers, but for the safety of the criminal? What the actual fuck.