Counting has commenced, final tally to be reported on wed/thu, but we should have a pretty clear idea by tomorrow. Polls have been all over the place, but averages of all polls indicate that all parties currently in Riksdagen will remain, and no new parties will pass the threshold. That said, the Green Party is perilously close to getting kicked out; the satirically named Liberal (libertarian) party was also close for a while, but I think they have a decent margin now.

I voted for a local rep. of the Center Party for Riksdagen, and for two brothers I respect and trust for municipal & regional govts. They're with the Social Democrats rn; if they switch parties, my vote will follow.

I've spent the past several weeks speaking with local politicians and reps from the different parties' youth wings, focusing on their collective failure to treat people with non-European backgrounds as relevant and interesting political agents. It's really striking how almost every single party and pol automatically turn to discourses that frame these voters as problems that need to be solved or "managed", rather than as people to work with (and for).

Of the parties I've spoken with about these matters, reps for the Center Party have appeared to be the most pro-active (as evinced by an apparently successful multi-year project aimed at increasing the number of active pols on their party lists who have non-European backgrounds), as well as the most receptive.

There's a great deal of displeasure among Social Democrats in my town re. the increasingly xenophobic and borderline racist stance of the Social Democratic party, but the party's culture is such that I don't see things changing for the better for another two terms at least.

Local Christian Democrats are more red than their national counterparts, and there are some who've actively tried to engage with immigrants as if they're actual people, so there's a way forward there. Moderates (Swedish Tories) used to be sensible and principled, but the shame of being eclipsed by the Sweden Democrats despite their enthusiastic incorporation of racist policies and rhetoric—combined with one guy's dreams of rising to national prominence—has made most of them go off the deep end. Liberals here in my town seem to have given up, and can't muster any better ideas than "listen? maybe?"... which isn't surprising given the high-profile defections from Liberals all over the country, mostly to the Center.

Anyway, it'll be an exciting night, and I'm hoping for the best while expecting the worst. In sthlm for a course all week. In my first three hours, I chatted with people from six different countries. The future is ours.