We're about to enter the era of GPT-4 (and its cousins obv).

What do you think it'll look like for you? What'll it bring, apart from an unceasing torrent of brain-melting AI-porn?

GPT-3 was thrilling; GPT-3.5 was ominous. What we know of GPT-4—and of the industry's current approach to AI—suggests a shitstorm of unforeseeable proportions in our near future. Trivial guardrails, breathtakingly irresponsible governance, limited transparency, zero oversight, and an unprecedented potential for cascading systemic fuckups facilitated by the dumbest weird nerds on the planet. The whitepaper and The coverage of openAI's processes in particular highlight multiple ethical and social risks, but I have no doubt MSFT, Google, Meta etc. will be happy to exacerbate those problems a few months from now.

Full disclosure: I have friends who're working on making lots of money off of AI and/or incorporating AI into their current work activities. I think it's difficult to appreciate the existing capabilities of this technology without using it or seeing it in use in real-world applications. From a tech perspective, I'm an enthusiast; from a moral perspective, I'm ambivalent.