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Thread: ESC's path back to legitimacy

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    Default ESC's path back to legitimacy

    The Eurovision Song Contest's legitimacy crisis seems to have reached a peak last night, with an unaccountable jury of soulless basic ass losers stealing the crown from the winner of the popular vote and all our hearts. This is not sustainable. I think we may be seeing the end of the jury vote soon, but will that be enough? What does the ESC's path back to legitimacy look like, in your view?


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    Not gonna say straight away that I loved Finland, but I was even going to cheer The UK on before Sweden. And that was an entry that merited the comment : 'she should have written it for someone else'. Loreen did something that felt like plagiarizing herself, but not successfully. But yes Finland deserved to win. Obviously.

    I have no real solution, but maybe they should start taking the size of the country into account with the televote, so that bigger countries give more votes. That could even outweigh the block voting that makes abominations like Loreen getting the trophy less likely. The problem with that it gives more votes to the permanent 5.
    Congratulations America

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