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    "The attorney for the New York City hospital worker at the center of a viral bicycle dispute said his client is "in hiding" because her life and job are being threatened over the encounter.

    Sarah Comrie, a Physician's Assistant at Bellevue Hospital, was branded a racist "Karen" by media outlets and social media critics after she was seen arguing with a group of Black men who accused her of taking their rental bike in a iPhone video that's gone viral.

    Her attorney Justin Marino explained on "America's Newsroom" Friday that the 6-month pregnant health care provider had just ended her 12-hour-shift and was trying to rent a bike to go home.

    Marino said Comrie started to back off the docking station after paying for the bike on May 12 when the men confronted her claiming she was taking the bike they had already reserved."

    The silliest part about this one is there wasn't a single racial slur used. Not a single element of the video had anything to do with race. However many people online and outlets automatically assumed she was racist because... she's white? Its almost like they prejudged her based on her skin color... hmm what do we call that? Oh yeah racist. Ben Crump, another frequent racist already deleted his defamatory tweet and I'm sure we'll see others do similar things. But likely few apologies. Thank goodness though for Twitter Community Notes clearing the air. No wonder the Left hates Elon now.

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    I wonder when we can expect a retraction and apology from right-wing media.
    Hope is the denial of reality

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