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    The fight over water has finally begun. Arizona has decided to limit construction (in Phoenix at least) based on ground water availability. Recipients of water from the Colorado River have begun to carve out new deals for use and delivery systems.

    Is this too little, too late?

    What really galls me (besides the housing sprawl in deserts that can't be sustained) is how much Agricultural water users have exploited the lack of Regulation. Whether it's US-owned companies growing high-water-use crops in the desert (like almonds or rice), or farmers using flood irrigation for crops (like corn), or Saudi-owned companies using water here to grow alfalfa and send there to feed their's just all a crazy mish-mash of "Capitalism" that doesn't really work.

    Will Protectionism still be the big bad bogeyman when growing food becomes an existential crisis? Aren't we already on the precipice of disaster, with millions of climate/economic refugees migrating into the US for this very reason? And what happens when the 'Bread Basket' of the US (California) runs out of water, and our grocery store aisles empty out? Or places like Florida gets flooded out, year after year, and can't sustain life, let alone growing crops?

    The Water Wars aren't just a future problem; it's already here. Even tho we've had years to prepare, we are NOT prepared for the coming catastrophes. If anyone is still wondering why there's a national mental health crisis, might this be one big fat reason?

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    Libya's near apocalyptic flood takes the debate to an international level....

    Spoiler Alert: Capitalism can't fix this

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    It's true, capitalism can't prevent natural disasters. Just like democracy can't stop cancer.
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    Authoritarianism can silence dissent, though
    In the future, the Berlin wall will be a mile high, and made of steel. You too will be made to crawl, to lick children's blood from jackboots. There will be no creativity, only productivity. Instead of love there will be fear and distrust, instead of surrender there will be submission. Contact will be replaced with isolation, and joy with shame. Hope will cease to exist as a concept. The Earth will be covered with steel and concrete. There will be an electronic policeman in every head. Your children will be born in chains, live only to serve, and die in anguish and ignorance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessus View Post
    Authoritarianism can silence dissent, though
    So can followers of a benevolent ruler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessus View Post
    Authoritarianism can silence dissent, though
    But can it?

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