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    Lurking just beneath the skin of every prominent right-wing thought leader is just another weird little dork ass incel groyper loser:

    The investigation is quite damning but entirely unsurprising. What fascinates me is the extent to which these eugenicist creeps have infiltrated and co-opted the conservative establishment. You'd think conservatives would be serious people with no patience for this nonsense, but, no—looks like they're just really, really dumb.

    So I'm looking forward to more bombshell exposés of this nature.
    "One day, we shall die. All the other days, we shall live."

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    Several Serious Guys—like David Frum, for example—have now waded into this controversy, only to somehow come out looking more contemptible than a literal eugenicist freak.
    "One day, we shall die. All the other days, we shall live."

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    It's because they know they can't call out the grifters without calling out Trump. And once the grifters got enough power at the local level, they started hiring extra grifters to replace the old elite.

    Not surprised the Federalist Society likes the guy. Good thing they control half the judiciary.
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