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    Since the demise of the other place I can't think of a better place to post this. Independence War, the game that drew Dread' and I to the Infogrames forums is now available from Good Old Games:

    It's a classic.

    Has anyone here bought this from GoG? The original I-War had many problems on modern computers, but GoG normally provide fixed versions of their games.
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    I've never heard of GoG, what are they like?

    EDIT: And aahh, that's why Dread spells his name wrong

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    GOG (no lowercase o) is a digital distribution service, their entire catalog is DRM free. No extra software required and almost all of their games have extras, like screensavers, wallpapers, icons, game guides. All their games have been updated and tested to work on Windows XP and up, a step over what Atari attempts with their digital store.
    Its got more respect than Steam, but because of their no DRM stance most of the games are several years old at best, so its not as popular amongst the ADD market a lot of gamers fall into.

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    My name is spelled just as the Brits who created the game spelled it.

    Curious how this download works with the game needing to be run from three could run it without CDs with some hacking, but you couldn't just download a whole package and make it run.

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    They're reselling old games to work on modern PCs; it's hardly "curious" that they made a working product
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnaught View Post
    Curious how this download works with the game needing to be run from three could run it without CDs with some hacking, but you couldn't just download a whole package and make it run.
    I'm curious to know what steps they've taken to make the game work on modern hardware. From the forum it looks like they are using a glide wrapper to allow 3d acceleration, but some other problems may remain (pbc hits not always causing damage, for example).
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    I imagine they aren't able to do much more than we ever were on the forums —*it's not as if they have source code access after all. Though I-War was very modifiable, so presumably it's a modified version of the game that still needs a downgraded system to really work.

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    What a freakin awesome idea! Thanks for the link, I will definitely browse through some of these and get some. Haven't heard of many of these, so I might have to check metacritic.

    Edit: already entranced! I wanted to find the noriginal MDK ported to PC, and could never find it. Here it is.

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    I caved in and bought it. It's only a little more than the price of a beer, so hardly a great loss if it doesn't work. So far everything is working fine, although turning off starfield blur is essential. No CDs required. The game is still bastard hard I'm glad I still have the keyboard map, since that doesn't seem to be included.
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    I'm glad it works! I recently went back home and booted up the old toaster-and-keyboard. Ended up playing Defiance for the first time since maybe 2003. Damn it was fun.

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    I got I-war for free in a magazine in 2001 - which brought me straight to Infogrames (& Dread's page) for assistance.

    I loved that game.
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